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General Philosophy:

KawaiiKlicks.info is an advertising site. Advertisers purchase ad credits and place ads and members are rewarded for viewing ads. While this is not necessarily a profit sharing traffic exchange site, we must have revenue in order to pay our expenses and our members. As it is with any site of this kind, we plan to promote and manage the site to the best of our ability to the advantage of both our advertisers and members.


Purchases are made with the approved and activated payment processors and they must be verified by both the member purchasing and the admin before the order is completed. This helps protect both the admin and our member against fraudulent activity. You are purchasing an intangible product and there are no refunds made under any circumstances.


Requests for payouts are governed by the system settings. When you are able to request a payout, your request will go into our pending payout queue. When funds are available, you will be paid. Supportive members (upgraded and paid advertisers) will be given the highest priority when payouts are reviewed. To ensure the viability of the site, members may be required to place an order before their payout is approved.

Advertising Terms:

The admin will review all ads placed to insure that they are not offensive or otherwise undesirable. Ads that contain content that is damaging to the system will be rejected. Ads that are incorrectly placed, will be rejected. Ads with no credits will not be approved.

Member Agreement:

Your acceptance of the terms when you join the site and also your use of the site bind you to the terms of the member agreement. These may be changed from time to time and proper notice will be given via site news, admin email or admin messages to the member. It is important that you whitelist messages coming from admin@kawaiiklicks.info in your email system so that you receive all of our emails to you.


Inactive accounts, cheater accounts, duplicate accounts, etc. will be subject to deletion and IP blacklisting and any earnings will be cleared.

Paid To Sign Up Advertising:

Our members may place ads in the PTSU section to reward other members for joining them in certain sites. If you wish to be paid the incentive to sign up, you need to follow the instructions provided by the advertiser and remain active in the site you join for at least 30 days. Your earnings here will be in jeopardy if you do not abide by these expectations.

Paid To Promote:

We are pleased to reward our members for advertising their referral link on other sites. We pay cash for unique daily hits. The amount differs based on your membership. Our site has a scoring system that alerts us to PTP cheaters. This would be those using bots or some system for sending fake hits to our site. This overloads our site and flags your account. You will receive a warning or a suspension or both. Earnings will be cleared for PTP cheaters.

Thank You:

Thank you for being a member of our site. I am William Thompson, USA, owner, and admin.

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